Monday, 30 November 2015

Reading Inanimate Alice Episode 4

So you've read Inanimate Alice Episode 3 and now Episode 4. We talked about the role of different modes (that multimodality); the images, sounds, text, interaction etc and how that all works together to create a story or develop a sense of Alice.

Now that you’ve read Inanimate Alice Episode 4, think about the elements of a narrative and fill in the three column chart:


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  2. Transliteracy seems less and less like a new trend and more like the new normal. A lot of media is becoming more on-demand and more interactive. I think we all need to train ourselves to get adept and reading cross-platform works or we risk being left behind...

    There will always be a place for long form, straightforward printed stories. I honestly believe that. But for things like short fiction and even the news, it's increasingly digital and cross-platform.