Friday, 4 December 2015

Assignment C: Animoto Review Video

Assignment C  Animoto Review Video


In this course we have covered a variety of topics such as Twitterature, born digital fictions, transmedia narrative and hyptertext. Think of a topic or even a specific work that is of great interest to you. Perhaps you were drawn into the growing pains of Alice in Inanimate Alice or would like to dig deeper into documentary born digital narrative. I would like you to choose your topic and create a (free) 30 second video using Animoto. You will need to include text, images and sound. You can draw from Animotos offerings or find copyright free images using the Creative Commons search on Flickr.

Your finished Animoto video must be shared both via Twitter (@JessL and use our class hashtag) AND the class blog, include a link to it in the comments of the Assignment C: Animoto Review Video blog post (this one).

You must also include a comment about another students Animoto video. This comment can be separate or included with your video link comment.

Due in class on December 18th

NOTE: our eclass does not accept links so please paste a link to your assignment blog post into a word document and upload that to moodle.

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