Saturday, 12 December 2015

Falling into Twitter Fiction

I chose to do my storify on Twitter Fiction as explored in Module 5. My goal was to explore the different types of super short stories found on Twitter - not specific genres so much as the different formats these stories could take. (Whether they're single tweet fictions, shared stories on a common hashtag, or a string of tweets following a real life adventure.)

I found the various elements by searching twitter and google for relevant links, accounts, and examples, using search terms such as "twitter genres" and "shared hashtag stories." Inspiration also came from the article Consider Twitter Fiction by Anthony Santulli as found on The Review Review. I also took some inspiration from my own twitter's timeline!

This storify does not portray the full story, as its goal is to highlight different types of storytelling on twitter as opposed to delving deep into any particular one. However, this could absolutely be used as the starting point for a more in-depth paper as each type of twitter storytelling technique could be explored further.

-- Meagan

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