Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Matt's Character Description

Man in crowd#1 doesn't stand out in any fashion.His average height and build is hidden beneath an undersized cheap suit that he's worn for three years now, one of only two he owns. Beneath the suit another story was written long ago.Two faded white scars run along his lower back, the inch long lines a reminder of the night he was jumped and stabbed while returning home from work one wintery evening through the parkette. Though he doesn't see them everyday, he feels them. His favourite wallet had been stolen. The eight point stars inked on each clavicle were reminders of the past, one which he was hopelessly running from. His eyes have worsened since then and he squints much of the time from reading hours upon hours of reports at his desk.

His apartment is sparsely furnished with seating for two which works well because he never has guests. His single bed mattress lies on the floor in the corner of the one-room unit. He's saving up for a box spring, he's sure this is why his back has steadily grown more pained. A few of the slats on the horizontal blind on the one window are terminally bent revealing too much morning light so he doesn't sleep in like he used to anymore.

The three quarter size fridge holds several vials of insulin, expired milk, an apple, some packages of ketchup he saved from his last outing to McDonald's and a tupperware container containing something that a co-worker gave him a few months ago. In an upper cupboard above the hot plate there's a box. In the box there are photos, a letter, a few pairs of PlastiCuffs, a small glass cutter, a key making set and an 8-round pistol.

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